Most Brides Biggest Wedding Regret after their Wedding
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Biggest Wedding Regret

Biggest Wedding Regret

Biggest Wedding Regret


We recently came upon a new post from a bride, and its one of many similar post on the internet. Wedding videography is typically one of the first things that make the cut when brides start to look at their budget, and it’s usually the biggest regret that brides have after their wedding. Here’s a quote from the bride:


“Through planning our wedding, we nixed a lot of vendors and traditions we didn’t think fit us.

I made our cake, we had no flowers, we self-DJed, and we didn’t have a videographer. All of this was in an effort to save money, but also have the wedding we wanted instead of producing some generic details we would never remember 15 years down the road.

…And now my one regret is not hiring a videographer.”


You can read the full post “Biggest Wedding Regret” at


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Biggest Wedding Regret

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