Light of the Gospel Wedding Film - Your Story By Max
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Light of the Gospel Wedding Film

Light of the Gospel Instagram Wedding Film


We’re Excited to share our Alik & Alona’s Instagram wedding film from their wedding at Light of the Gospel church. This is our second Instagram wedding film, and we absolutely love making them! These are made shortly after your wedding so you can share your day with all your friends and family on Instagram. We will share these on our Instagram page and you can use the Repostit app to easily share it, or we can send you a link to the video for you to upload it. Here is Alik & Alona’s Instagram Wedding Film: You can click the Instagram link to view it directly or see it uploaded to Vimeo below.

Alik & Alona’s wedding day started off perfectly sunny and bright. We went to some beautiful locations for photos and videos as you can see in their Instagram wedding film. We loved the flowers the brides and bridesmaids had in their hands and hair, they went perfectly for the photo shoot locations and ceremony location and decorations. By the time we arrived at Light of the Gospel the weather took a turn but the couples were champs about it, and their ceremony turned our beautiful with the greenery blowing the background. Alona & Alik decided to go with a Documentary Wedding film to have a complete video of their day, and the Instagram wedding film worked out perfect to have a short highlight of their wedding to complement their full video. Our Instagram Wedding films  will be a part of most of our packages as we think its a great way to be able to share a highlight of your day right after your wedding.




Our goal is to produce a wedding film that is not only beautiful but one that you will enjoy for a lifetime. Contact us about your upcoming wedding today! Here is their Cinematic Wedding Video Highlight Film.

Venue/Church: Light of the Gospel
Photographer: Beautifully You Photography

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