Camden Ranch Wedding Venue - Andrey & Veronica
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Camden Ranch Wedding Venue Camden Ranch Wedding Venue

Andrey & Veronica

Andrey & Veronica – Camden Ranch Wedding Venue

It was a pleasure to capture Andrey & Veronicas wedding at Camden Ranch Wedding Venue. Even though our main focus at Your Story By Max is creating Cinematic Wedding Films every once in a while, if a couple really wants us to photograph their wedding we can’t say no :). The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding in early summer and Camden Ranch Wedding Venue was the perfect place for this special occasion to take place. When Andrey teared up as he saw his bride walking down the isle I couldn’t help but tear up as well. Seeing true love is so uplifting, and this is a huge part of why I love being able to take part in capturing a couples special day. The reception was really fun with a live band and many games that got everyone involved. For one of the games everyone was handed a printout face of Andrey and Veronica, then┬ápeople voted if it would be Andrey or Veronica that matches the question, like who’s going to be in charge of doing laundry. After the Reception, before we headed out for our golden hour photoshoot everyone gathered around for the bride and groom to release some white doves into the air which resulted in some awesome photos. Afterwards we headed over across the street from Camden Ranch Wedding Venue. Right before sunset we were able to take advantage of┬áthe really green forest area for some photos of the beautiful couple and their bridal party. Their fantastic wedding ended with a cool splash (literally) as we drove to a nearby lake. The wedding party, along with their friends all gathered onto the dock. Counting down from 10 everyone jumped into diamond lake to cool off after one of the best days of their lives.

Camden Ranch Wedding Venue:


December 14, 2014