Top 10 Questions to ask Wedding Videographers before you
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Top 10 Questions to ask Wedding Videographers before you book

So you’ve decided that you want to hire a wedding videographer (good choice by the way), so what next? While there’s a plethora of information about choosing photographers, a lot less is know about what goes into a high-quality wedding video, and how to tell if the videographer you’re hiring is a professional. We put together a list of questions to ask wedding videographers to help you choose who is the right fit for you, and will be able to properly capture your wedding.


Questions to ask Wedding Videographers


Questions to ask Wedding Videographers


1. Is wedding videography your full-time job, or a side gig?

There are many wedding vendors that serve the industry as a part time side job. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, that’s how we along with most full-time vendors got into the wedding business. The truth is hiring a full-time wedding vendor, especially a wedding videographer will most likely lead to better service and a higher product overall, as that is the main focus of the videographer and they will be able to devote more time and attention to producing a quality film.


2. What is the delivery timeframe for your films?

Most wedding photographers deliver their photos 4-6 weeks after the wedding, but high-quality wedding films take much longer to produce compared to photos. The industry average delivery time is 6 months, but some studios take a year or even longer which is more typical of part-time videographers. We guarantee all films to be delivered within 26 weeks but offer multiple expedited options such as same day edits, which are displayed at the end of your reception. We also offer films that are delivered the next day or within two weeks. The most important thing know how long it will take to receive your film.


3. How long have you been filming weddings?

Just like any other industry, when hiring a pro you want to make sure they are experienced and have enough time to dedicate to the job. Videographers that have been producing wedding films for multiple years will be able to capture your wedding consistent with the quality of their other films. A beginner videographer may have a nice wedding video on their site, but weddings can be very different. The style of the wedding can change the requirements needed to produce quality results. The season, time of the day, and if it’s an outside or inside wedding can all effect this. An experienced videographer will know how to handle the variables and produce consistent quality films.


4. How many wedding do you film per year?

Depending on the videography company, the amount of weddings they capture may vary between just a few to over 60 per year. Some studios focus on volume and take on as much work as they can receive. This could mean that they have multiple weddings in the same day, and have to split up their gear and crew to be able to capture both weddings, which could result in a lower quality production. The post production editing process could also be rushed to be able to handle the high volume of weddings. At Your story by Max, we limit the amount of couples we work with to ensure great customer service and the highest quality wedding films.


5. Will there be an assistant videographer helping capture our wedding?

We highly recommend having a second videographer for your wedding.  Other than our entry level teaser only package, all of our packages include a second videographer and if you’re having a larger wedding we even offer a third videographer. A second videographer will assist the main videographer to ensure that each part of your wedding is captured.


Top 10 Questions to ask Wedding Videographers before booking


6. How many cameras will be used during the wedding?

Capturing a high-quality wedding film requires at least 2 cameras, but we suggest 3 to 4 cameras. Unlike photography, a video has to have continuous uninterrupted recording. At times, a guest or wedding vendor may block a camera, so having multiple cameras ensures that nothing is missed. Multiple cameras allow videographers the ability to capture guest reactions at the same time as the bride and groom making the final product more dynamic.


7. What kind of cameras do you use?

While you don’t need to ask specifics about camera brands, lenses, and other details, it’s good to make sure your videographer is using modern equipment. Most videographers that produce high quality wedding films use cameras no bigger than your photographers. These are much smaller in size compared to the large camcorders that were used a few years back so they are much less obtrusive at your wedding. These newer cameras are also much better at recording in low light situations and require little to no extra lighting that is often distracting to guests and photographers.


8. Do you use multiple external audio recorders?

Using external audio recorders allows videographers to capture high-quality audio. While each of our cameras have professional microphones attached, using multiple external recorders with lavalier mics allows us to capture crystal clear audio of the most important parts of your wedding, also providing backup protection. This is something that any professional videographer will use.


9. How do you coordinate with photographers?

Both the photographers and videographers have to work well together to be able to best capture your wedding day without getting into each others way. It really helps when the vendors can communicate and coordinate well to get the best results for the couple. We make it a priority to communicate with the photographers to make sure we both get the shots we need. Its also a plus if the videographer has previously worked with your photographer.


10. What’s your plan if you are unable to film my wedding?

There is a chance that your videographer may get sick before the wedding or an emergency situation comes up. The videographer should have a backup plan to make sure that your wedding is covered. Having a network of other similar style professional videographers is definitely helpful, but it’s even better if they have a team who can help cover the event. We have multiple trained wedding film makers to make sure that your event will be covered with the same style and quality level even if an emergency situation comes up.


Thanks for viewing our Top 10 Questions to ask Wedding Videographers guide,

we hope it’s been helpful!


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