Spokane Wedding Videographers - Your Story By Max
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Spokane Wedding Videographers – Your story by Max

Spokane Wedding Videographers

Hi, my name is Max, and at Your story by Max I lead a team of Spokane Wedding Videographers. We strive to capture all the love, joy, and emotions of your wedding day and produce a beautiful wedding film that  you’ll enjoy watching for a lifetime! A wedding film you’ll be excited to share with friends and relatives, a film you’ll want to watch each and every anniversary, a wedding video you will share with your children, grandchildren, and future generations!


I don’t know how or when I fell in love with capturing weddings but I do know why… They are beautiful! I’m really not an emotional person, but I LOVE the love and emotions that are shared during weddings. It’s an honor to be able to capture such a special day and then be able to share it and re-live it. When my team of Spokane wedding videographers say that we would love to be a part of your wedding day, we really mean it!


We would love to hear from you, talk about the wedding video we can create for you, and answer any questions you may have. You can write us a messages by clicking here, or call us at 509-220-7327.


Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you!



Unlike many Wedding Photographers/Filmmakers “about me” sections, I can’t say that I filmed my first video at the age of two or three, or held a camera in my hands as a young kid. In fact, I didn’t even use a decent camera until after I got married to my beautiful wife Alena. She is the one who inspired me to start diving into photography and I started to soak up everything and anything that I could with my newfound passion.


Alena’s had enjoyed photography for quite a few years by the time we started dating, and had even shot a few weddings. Within a few months of picking up my first real camera, I was second shooting a wedding with the Photographer who shot ours. About another month or so after that, Alena & I shot our first wedding together and everything took off from there!


A few years went by and we could officially call ourselves ” Wedding Photographers” Shooting 25+ weddings a year with all the right proper equipment and creating beautiful and unique photographs and albums for our clients.  On Christmas morning one of our cameras with a few other pieces of gear were stolen. We tried our very best to stay positive and ended up buying a new camera shortly after that because we needed the gear to shoot. That camera was the 5D markII which had a new feature that allowed you to shoot HD video.


For the next few years I played with that feature more and more, and I created different short videos for fun and to help out others. The more I learned about shooting and editing videos the more I enjoyed it, until one day I shot my first wedding. From that point on I knew that’s what I wanted to be doing. Even though I enjoyed photography, The level of emotions and love that I could capture with film was much greater.


It’s like everything fell into place perfectly! At the time we were starting to consider closing/changing our photography business to allow my wife to focus on our two little kiddos. It was getting tough having her sitting behind the computer screen most of each day and both of us being gone almost every weekend during the wedding season.  We finished off the wedding season and afterwards “Max Alena Photography” was re-branded into “Your Story by Max” with a focus on wedding films.


A few years since, I lead a team of Spokane Wedding Videographers and we focus solely on creating the best, most emotional, story driven wedding films that we can. We love being able to capture moving images and audio such as the first look the bride and groom share. mixed with personal vows and toasts and preserving them forever!

Spokane Wedding Videographers – Your story by Max